10 Common Reasons People Get Fired From Their Job

It is so hard to find the right job in this competitive world. There are so many takers for a single vacancy, which makes the hiring scene so difficult. What then prompts people to be fired after working so hard to find a decently paying job then? Here are 10 most common reasons that will help you understand why people are fired so easily and why some lose their job sooner than the amount of time they invest in being hired.

  1. The very first reason that comes to everyone’s mind is employee performance. No company will tolerate someone who is an under performer, as they see it as capital wasted. Hence, poor performance will cost you your job.
  2. In addition, there are several other reasons including misbehavior. Misconduct on the part of the employee including lying, bullying, sexual harassment, stealing, espionage, fraud, etc. could all result in loss of a job.
  3. Damaging things belonging to the company could also get your fired. For instance, you intentionally or unintentionally destroy the office printer, fax machine or even the paper shredder could get you fired. While some companies let you off with a warning or cut your pay, others just fire you.
  4. Another act that could get you fired and land you in legal problems is when you decide to falsify the records of your Company.
  5. Some people might be fired if they are found to disobey direct orders from the Managers or Supervisors. Insubordination is risky. Hence, learn to express your thoughts in the most cordial manner.
  6. Using office properties and resources for personal use is an offense that could once again cost you your job.
  7. Further, acts such as sleeping or wasting time during office hours, lying in your CV, being engaged in unhealthy gossips and office politics, and all could get you fired immediately without notice.
  8. Additionally, companies fire people if found to use or possess drugs at the workplace. Moreover, if such actions result in accidents or poor performance, then there is no second chance and it does not matter if you are using a medicated drug or herbal drugs, even if Kratom articles mentions otherwise.
  9. Moreover, people found to take too many leaves are also laid off because their absence results in the obstruction of work both for the team and for the Company.
  10. Lastly, violation of any Company policy is a strict no-no. Hence, if you want to stay in your job, adhere to all Company policies.