YouTuber sind die Rockstars von morgen

Youtube is a portal where you can share videos.  Most of us think about sharing some movie clipping or song.  But there are awesome YouTubers who use youtube for following purposes:

  1. Education:  Philanthropic YouTubers upload thousands of youtube videos of various subjects.  This can clarify the doubts of students.  Also, kids who grow in underdeveloped nations have access to high-class knowledge because of this
  2. Entertainment: Youtubers upload millions of entertainment videos.  Those who are talented in music, dance etc take this as a vital platform to display their skills.  And the reach is also huge.  They easily gain recognition.
  3. Charity: When there is a genuine cause, help is sought through a video.  There are numerous cases of natural calamity and other reasons where fundraising is done using youtube videos.  There are youtubers whose helping tendency brings us tears in eyes.
  4. Ethics and values: Younger generation impart forgotten ethics and values through short story videos on youtube.
  5. Criticism: Youtubers ensure corrective measures in society by criticizing social evils boldly in youtube videos.  They guard the society in a way.
  6. Marketing: Youtube videos are excellent marketing tools.  Especially authentic customer testimonials uploaded can be influential and will help the seller to reach out his target customer easily.  Sites like  help in this regard to a greater extent.  Excellent marketers upload nice promotion videos and improve sales

  1. Virtual tours: Videos related to travel are so effectively done that we start wanting to visit the place.  Tourism promotion videos are uploaded by ardent travelers.

  1. Entrepreneurs: Youtubers who are entrepreneurs upload videos describing their products and quality.  Since these videos can be shared in other apps they get referrals and business growth is facilitated by themselves.

No doubt YouTubers who contribute to society in the above ways are rockstars of tomorrow.…