How to Start a Small Roll-Off Dumpster Business in 2018

For small operators, waste disposal offers various niche opportunities in the field of roll-off dumpsters and a chance to begin a profitable business. Conduct a research on the market to find the demands that are not fulfilled. Work a way to fill those demands using your resource capabilities.

Find the niche- The first thing you need to do is to find your niche in the roll-off dumpster operations. Yard waste, residential construction, bulk disposal, junk disposal, etc are the options that are suited for small-scale operators. Take a look at Dumpsterator to see how the operations work.

The requirement of equipment- The main equipment which you require are dumpsters and roll off trucks.  You could begin the operations with a single truck so that it will fit your initial budget. Once you are able to work out the process efficiently, you can think of expanding the business and add more trucks in.

Operational issues- You cannot possibly carry out the business operations from your house. You should find a safe and secure place to keep all the equipment. Also, marketing should be given more priority. It is best if you have a website and advertise regularly.  One good billboard can do wonders for the business. You need to maintain a good relationship with the realtors, contractors, and neighborhood as they can offer your reliable and steady business.

Know your competitors- You need to know what your competition is offering in terms of service and pricing. You should be able to offer much more than that to your clients so that they will stick with you.

Negotiate with the landfills- A good partnership with the landfill operators will help you contributing a great to the bottom line.  You need to negotiate well with them to be profitable.  Also, you should be aware of the law related to the disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste.